Sunday at General Convention: A Great Sermon With a Little Back Story

A fabulous sermon by Presiding Katherine Jefferts Schori is even better when you know a little back story. For the last three days people have been wearing purple scarves in solidarity with a movement at convention called “Breaking the Episcopal Glass Ceiling.”

In the 26 years since Barbara Harris, the first woman consecrated Bishop in the Episcopal Church, was consecrated we have consecrated 254 Bishops in the Episcopal Church. Only 21 of them were women.

Those purple scarves where around our necks, in our hearts, and in our minds, and I hope that now they are in yours, when you read the Presiding Bishop’s translation of the words Jesus’ speaks to the little girl he had raised form the dead – “Talitha cum.”

There is another point in her sermon that will benefit from a little back story… 12 years of hemorrhaging… 12 years ago, at the 74th General Convention of the Episcopal Church we affirmed the election of V. Gene Robinson as Bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of New Hampshire…

Here is a link to the readings assigned for this morning.  Please note that we used the readings in track 2

Here is the link to Bishop Katherine’s sermon



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