A Chapter a Day through the Gospel According to Luke!

24 Days of Advent in the month of December
24 chapter in the Gospel According to Luke

Journey with Fr. Andy and Mother Dorota as we explore a chapter a day beginning on December 1st

On Sunday, November 29th we posted, in the forum on the Saint Andrew’s web site, an intro to the course with an outline of Luke’s Gospel account.

On Monday, November 30th we posted a list of major themes and emphases in Luke’s narrative.

Then beginning on December 1st we will post daily notes, thoughts and questions on each chapter of the Gospel According to Luke.

This is designed to be an interactive journey.  The Forum format will allow us to ask questions of each other, to respond to the text and to the daily notes and prompts, and to learn from one another as we journey towards the Feast of the Incarnation, Christmas Day.

Join the conversation!

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