Episcopalians and the Bible: A Brief Excursus

A nasty Virus and preparations for the celebration of Saint Andrew’s Day have left my creative well a little dry.  I will continue my discussion of Episcopalians and the Bible in a few days.  In the meantime I would like to offer some material, resources and thoughts, from friends of mine to keep you thinking about the way that we read and understand our sacred texts.

The first is a post by Kathleen Henderson Staudt who was an adjunct professor at Virginia Theological Seminary when I was a student there.   Her post appears on The Episcopal Cafe and is titled: Bible Reading Episcopalian: Who Knew?

The second resource is a link to the Episcopal Church’s on line Visitor’s Center.  More specifically it is a link to a page of “An Outline of the Faith: commonly called the catechism.”   The catechism is a great place to start if you are exploring the Episcopal Church.  It addresses different aspects of our faith in a question and answer format.  This link will take you to the section that begins with the question: “What are the Holy Scriptures?”

The New Church’s Teaching Series, published by Cowley Press, has two great volumes on our approach to scripture.  Opening the Bible, written by Roger Ferlo, another of my professors at VTS, is a wonderful resource  as is Engaging the Word, by Michael Johnston.  (Please note that I have provided links to Amazon.com as an easy way to identify these books, not as an endorsement of Amazon)

Finally, if my post on reconciling reason and experience with scripture and a conversation about the creation stories in the book of Genesis have you intrigued you should check out:

A Catechism of Creation: An Episcopal Understanding
prepared for study in congregations
by the The Committee on Science, Technology and Faith

Until next time,


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