The Mission of the Church: An Important and Powerful Sermon by The Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool

The Rt. Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool was elected eighth bishop suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles on December 5, 2009, after having served nine years as canon to the bishops of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. The second woman to be elected bishop in diocesan history, she was ordained to the episcopate on May 15, 2010.

I had the great pleasure of working with Mary Glasspool when she was the Canon to the Ordinary in the Diocese of Maryland.  I knew her to be a caring and sensitive pastor, a tireless advocate of the Church, and an extremely powerful preacher.  Mary is a gift to the church.

In this sermon, delivered at the Diocese of Los Angeles’ Convention, Mary issues a call to to action, not just to the Diocese of LA but to the whole church, in in doing so does a wonderful job of telling our story, describing the church, and showing us at our very best.

I hope that you will take fifteen minutes and let The Right Reverend Mary Glasspool speak to your heart.

Watch her sermon here.




1 thought on “The Mission of the Church: An Important and Powerful Sermon by The Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool

  1. An inspiring call to spread the good news of the Gospel. A wonderful summary of the mission of the church, including our responsibility to unite all persons in Christ. One portion of her sermon reminded me of a courageous sermon the Rev. Susan Mueller gave several years ago at St. Andrew’s, in which Susan said there are many ways to get to God. As Christians, Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life” for us in our journey to find God, but we must not be so arrogant to assume that other ways to God are not possible. Only God knows all the ways to a deeper understanding of God and His Word.

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