The Closing Act….

The 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church is in the books.  And I would say that this one goes in the “win” column.

We had two legislative sessions today.  The first went from 8:00 to 11:00 am.  We celebrated the Closing Eucharist at 11:30.  The final legislative session went from 2:15 until past 6:00 pm!  It was a marathon day!

It is 10:30 here and I need to meet folks in the lobby at 5 am so we can catch a cab to the airport.  I am still trying to stuff all of my belongings back into my bags.  I only bought a couple of books at the exhibition hall but I have a whole shelf worth of materials from the floor of convention.  I hope they don’t charge me extra for my bag!

Here are some links to the “news of the day.”  I will be writing more in the next couple of days as I process this last day of work.  See you all in church on Sunday!

Peace, Andy+

Stories from the Episcopal News Service:

Convention calls for new rites, prayers for care of beloved animals

The Presiding Bishop’s closing sermon

House of Deputies consider a flurry resolutions on its final day

Bishops end convention with busy legislative session

General Convention digest

Convention wrap-up: Re-envisioning church for the 21st century


A reflection from Fr. Jonathan Grieser, Rector of Grace Madison

A reflection from The Cristy Old Dean

The Center Aisle, a great source for information about General Convention

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